Open Source at Dräger

Dräger acknowledges the importance of Open Source and the Open Source Community.

During development of our products Dräger makes use of Free and Open Source Software subject to the applicable Open Source licenses as stated below. This use for development as well as in our products allows us to create better products and provide better service for our customers.

For Open Source projects we participate in and contribute to please see the list below.

Open Source Software Components

Please select a product below to view and download the applicable Open Source Licenses used in the product and other important information with regard to the software elements used. You can also find certain other relevant documents and content as e.g. notices or source code of modified Open Source components, where stipulated by the applicable license.

Where certain licenses give you the option to receive the source code as a copy on a data medium, we offer to send them to you upon request, if you choose not to download them here directly.

Open Source Projects

Feel free to visit us directly on GitHub (@Draegerwerk)!
These are the projects Dräger currently contributes to or publishes on GitHub:

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